Sunday, July 27, 2008

Prime Scottish Beef

No I have not changed this to a foodie's blog.
But I just had to use these pics for a post.

Kilts are not universally popular but I love a man in a kilt (if worn well) and Chris here wears them beautifully!

(leather kilt = so hot .... yes I am of scottish origins).
This man is so popular he is being used in ads for scottish beef and I have to say it makes me want a steak!

The question is - Kilts hot or not .... my vote is HOT

Monday, July 21, 2008

Smith St Chic

My weekend was hectic but I did manage to spend a little alone time shopping.I bought some great old records (I collect) Roberta Flack (hits such as 'Killing me softly' and 'First time ever I saw your face'), Sam Cooke ( the inventor of soul music with hits like 'You Send me' and ' a change is gonna come'

UPDATE : had to add this live film clip of Sam singing 'you send me' what a hunk a spunky man .... or should I call him dreamy?

and a motown collection along with a few others.

Bliss..... soulful tunes with real musicians playing real instruments!

So I have set myself the task of creating a look to match the mood of these tunes.
I don't have the pictures yet but I have made my selections. I also bought a fabulous wooden broach from 'Happiness' near the corner of Gertrude and smith st and a new top from the same store which is very cute and forms part of my 'oldies' look.

Also I want finger waves in my hair - if only I knew how!!
BONUS I bought a hand made 20's style bonnet/hat that goes perfectly with my outfit!!!!!!!!
pics to be added ( I know I know) but it was from 'Little Salon' shop 1, 353 lill Collins (Melbourne) I must have walked past this place a million times and never seen it before. The stuff in there is so cute!! rero with a modern twist very funky

Today I am wearing: Grey three quarter sleeve stretch top with black pants and a black, white and grey blazer with a 60's style high neck and large collar.These shoes (photo to be added tonight when I get home).My black and red leather bag (picture to be added).

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Asian Persuasion

Obsession De Jour : Japanese Lolita and Punk/Goth wear (well some of it)..
Cute dress and top and I love the hat - really it's just the makup that I don't like here but these items are so cute!
Love the socks on these and the dresses are cute in a costumey way!

Cute gloves and top (with someting other than this dress)

Sure the makeup is OTT and all of these looks are extreme but they are funky and cool and some of the pieces individually with more toned down clothes have potential!
Couldn't find the pics I was looking for but will post them when I find them!
Anyway I bought some knee high socks at Shibuya today (which inspired this post) I will post pics of my outfit once complete!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Scarf face

Today I am wearing : Black and grey pin stripe pants (I know I know I wear them a lot but I have a few pairs and I love them) with a black V neck looseish cotton top. Blue and white scarf (with a little gold on it) bought from a Gypsy in Rome (thanks mum) and my custom made blue sling back heels.

Silver 'celtic love knot' cuff and on the other wrist a silver 'fob link' braclet with silver hoop earrings and my standard thumb ring.

Makeup today : MAC foundation (yay they got my shade back in), MAC Lilicent blush, MAC Brule eyeshadow all over with Paradisco on the lids and in the crease and clear lip gloss. Oh and my Diorshow mascara in black.

Purchase of the day : Armani sunglasses - on sale at Siricco BARGAIN! (in the above pics and below) ...

Got my hair done last night and I am loving it!
Darker blonde and more shape! Thanks Nikki you are the best hairdresser! (even if I was too slack to style it today!)

Monday, July 14, 2008

I got it !!!!!!!!!

The 'historical fashion in detail 17th and 18th Centuries' book I have been waiting for arrived courtesy of the good people at Dymocks Collins street (the huge one downstairs in the Collins 1.2.3 building) and I am itching to read it and look over all the glorious photos and sketches.

Argh I just had a sneak peak and it is BEAUTIFUL! now I know this is going to lead to me buying many more books like this!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Couldn't let this one lie...

Well I checked one of my favorite Blogs I have to my horror discovered that Lindsay Lohan has a new line of leggings!

But not just any leggings noooo we have these atrocities aptly named ' Mr. President leggings'

All class.....

Not to mention the 'Leopard Ankel Gloves' which just might be the ugliest thing I have seen all year.
If these things take off I will never again pay any attention to ANYTHING that is considered 'fashionable' and will take to wearing nothing but tunics and peasant skirts with hippie beads for all eternity.