Sunday, August 17, 2008


I thought I would post some of my set's. Think of them as outfit posts for the outfits I wish I owned ! :

Step back in Springtime :

My first ever set (had no idea what I was doing) :

60's Min (the green scarf is for your hair under the hat):

Away with the fairies :

Frills and spills :

Planet Balenciaga:

Moonlit walk:

Lets go shopping:

Too cool for school:

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Toga party

Ok since my camera is out if action (costume party at my sisters place, I went as Ab Fab's Patsy and was true to my image for the night - hence I lost my camera there)I've decided on a post about my new interest de jour from the fashion world.

The toga - is a difficult one there are so many TERRIBLE versions of this tricky little number and I had to do a monumental amount of digging to find something I liked!

Katie holmes looked 'ok' in this little number - although I think it was a little 'boxy' (note : I do like the dress I just think she doesn't have big enough hips to carry it off - personal opinion don't shoot me).

In 2003 J-Lo did the 'Formal Toga'

as did Claire Danes recently which was not quite the look I am searching for

But at last I have found the dresses I want (after much googling!) and the winners are :
The far left in the blue by Thayer - the other two I don't much care for.

These are both cute but are screaming out for accessories!
The one on the right is cute but perhaps a little short and tight for the style I'm looking for.

If I can't find these dresses online or in stores - dressmakers of Melbourne beware ... fiddly draping will become your springtime chore if I should get my greedy hands on your contact details!

PS: I promise to be nice if someone will offer me the contact details of a good dressmaker - I'm yet to find one since I have moved here.