Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Some housekeeping

Alright this is just a quick post before my next personal style post (I know about time right).
Thank-you to everyone who is following me I appreciate the support and I will be posting more in future with a mix of historical fashion and influential designers in history and personal style, a little music and anything else that comes to hand that may be of interest.

I've also been tagged by the lovely fröken lila a little while ago - sorry for the delay. So here are my answers.

the rules are:
1. answer the questions on your blog
2. take away one question you don't like and add a new one.
3. tag 4 other people
1. which perfume do you use?
A few but Christian Dior’s Hypnotic Poison has been a favourite for years

2. song of the day?
Aretha Franklin’s version of Sam Cook’s classic ‘A Change is gonna come’.

3. what's for dinner today?
Tonight I’m having roasted vegetables with wild pork in a home made Cranberry, Pomegranate and Mandarin sauce (which is leftovers from last night).

4. Current fashion lust item
Flat suede over the knee boots in a dark grey

5. what whould you really like to learn?
To speak fluently in a few languages, millinery, and more sewing skills.

6. what was the last thing you bought?
Another bottle of Chandon

7. what's your favourite animal?
Oh tough one but I’d have to say the Elephant

8. what's your most important goal at the moment?
Getting into a new hobby to stop me getting lazy!

9. what do you think of the person who tagged you?
Wonderful sense of style and a wardrobe to match – she has a beautiful blog!

10. what's the colour of your eyes?
hazel (green and brown)

11. if you could change something with yourself, what would that be?
I would make myself more motivated!

12. if you could be anywhere in the world for the next 4 hours, where would that be?
In my hometown at my favourite swimming hole (it’s always warm there and I’m SO homesick.
Here are some actual pictures of the place I love !

13. what do you find important with your friends?
respect, loyalty and kindness

14. who would you like to meet sometime?

but since that ship has long since sailed so I’ll say Nelson Mandella

15. what's your dreamjob?
Archaeologist love my ancient history.

16. what's your favourite piece in your wardrobe?
Wow that is difficult I’m not sure I can choose – maybe my latest purchase

(still waiting for it to arrive).

17. do you have any favourite models?
Sure do I’ll take a tall glass of Tyson Beckford please!

18. three things that make you smile
Sunshine on a rainy day (sun showers)

Breakfast in bed!

19. what's your favourite song at the moment?
Oh wow that is really tough – I guess it’s ‘A change is gonna come’ by Sam Cooke – it’s just so soulful and moving!

20. what's your favourite tv-series?
I rarely watch tv to be honest – I’m not sure I have a favourite show.

21. what are you wearing at the moment?
a blue maxi dress from Witchery a few years ago with grey long sleeve top and grey cotton tights, black leather ballet flats a tan woven leather belt and a white leather handbag with a black headband.

22. what's your favourite sweets?

23. who's your role model for style?
I honestly can’t pick anyone as a style role model – I am influenced by everything I see.

Oh and I Tag :

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Poiret - the Picasso of fashion - image heavy post

All images are clickable and the details are worth it!

Perhaps not as successful as Ms Bertin; Paul Poiret is no less significant.

Paul Poiret is credited with releasing women from the curse of the ' s bed corset' of the Edwardian era, advocating a more slender less curvaceous look.

Poiret introduced the Turban

(one of Poiret's original's)

Harem pants

(more original Poiret)

and the kimono coat

(yes again another original - I love that his designs are still around)

to western fashion.

Born in Paris on the 20th April 1879, Poiret was the son of a cloth Merchant.

He was apprenticed to an umbrella maker by his parents “in an effort to rid him of his natural pride” where he began designing clothes using the scraps of silk leftover from the umbrella making as inspiration.

Soon Poiret was selling his designs to prominent dressmakers of the time and eventually he would work for the prestigious 'house of Worth'.
However Poiret's designs were too flamboyant for the clientele of the house or worth and eventually Paul Poiret branched out on his own in 1904.

He made stunning items with a view to please the eye from afar, as such often the workmanship would suffer which would eventually end his career when fashion houses like Chanel opened and begun selling simpler, more well made clothes.
Poiret found himself to be out of fashion.

Now does anyone much read these posts or should I keep the information to a minimum?
I have a lot more information on Paul but I need some feedback please?

Here are some more images of his work !