Thursday, June 25, 2009

The passing of a legend

The passing of a legend

I’m at a loss for words today; this doesn’t even seem real.
Michael Jackson, music legend, dancing phenomenon and fashion icon (say what you will he brought military style to the masses) has passed beyond our reach.

Michael was voted number 31 of the most influential people in fashion ( including designers etc)no mean feat for a recording artist.

This post is disjointed as I feel as though I have lost someone dear to me - all my life he has been there to inspire me and renew me when I felt jaded.
His passion for making the world a better place made me strive to be a better person.

I woke up today with 'Man in the mirror' in my head and I hope that with his passing the message Michael tried to spread gains momentum

Fallen Star

They could never understand
what you set out to do
instead they chose to ridicule you
when you got weak
they loved the sight
of your dimming
and flickering starlight
How could they understand what was so intricate
To be loved by so many, so intimate
they wanted to see your lifeless corpse
this way you could not alter the course
of ignorance that they have set
To make my people forget
what they have done for much too long
To just forget and carry on
I had loved you forever because of who you are
and now I mourn our fallen star

By Tupac Shakur

R.I.P Michael you brought sunshine into so many lives, even while you lived through some dark, dark days. I pray that you find peace and happiness.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Oh thank-you!

When I started this blog I really did not know what would become of it.
I had no clearly defined ideas about what I would write and I guess it still is a work in progress.

One person though has been a reader since quite early on and I have been an avid reader of her blog since discovering the online world of blogging.

That blogger is Frances of Topaz Horizon who not only blogs about her perspective on fashion but tackles real issues such as the excessive new tax being levied on all imported books in the Philippines, domestic violence, health and many other issues. I admire her blog and the person that shines through that blog.

Frances has honoured me with the Neno blog award
'For bloggers that clearly enjoy blogging and love encouraging friendship through blogging'

When it comes from this lady it means a lot. So thank-you very much Frances I am very happy to receive this award from you!

I would like to pass this on to Morena of 'Too Haute to handle' and Proudly of 'Mom and Son'

Although there are many other deserving bloggers out there I did not want to start an avalanche :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm selling this on E-bay

Just a quick note to let you know that I am selling this cute little vintage Mod dress on E-bay for minimum bid of AU14.00

Item Number 220429089990

It's quite small and nicely shaped - all details are on the E-bay listing feel free to ask me any questions and I will answer ASAP. I have two of these dresses and the next one will go on E-bay in a week - unless someone else wants it.
I will accept anything over $14.00 and I'll post measurements soon.
Make sure you refer to the auction for details though.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Shoe love from the history books

The platform shoe brings to mind the funkadelic 70’s disco scene … right?

While the platform shoe had it’s revival in the 70’s (and subsequent mini revivals) the platform (a shoe formally known as the chopine) was originally fashionable all the way back in the 14th century and hit the height of their popularity in the 1600’s.

Originally used as an ‘overshoe’ (literally worn over the dress shoe) to prevent damage to delicate hems of gowns and shoes from mud and dirt the chopine was worn as a status symbol.

The Chopine allowed women to ‘tower over’ other women and thus the higher the status of the wearer the higher the chopine should be.

Often reaching 5 - 9 inches tall, the Chopine sometimes reached up to 3 ft tall!

Servants were required to provide assistance to the lady in donning the Chopine's and often there would be two attendants to assist the lady in balancing herself whilst walking in these prodigious shoes.

The below are the remnants of a 29 inch Venetian pair from the 16th century (these shoes were most popular in Venice for obvious reasons).

And the below pair is on display at the Bata shoe museum and they describe the shoe quite well so here is a portion of what they have to say:

"This pair of chopines is in surprisingly excellent condition considering that it was made and worn sometime between 1580 and 1620. Each shoe is carved from a solid piece of wood, probably alder, that has been hollowed somewhat to make the shoes lighter in weight. Since the chopine is such a large shoe, it provides a grand base for decoration with luxurious fabrics and ornaments. These in turn advertise a family’s wealth and position. This pair is covered in gold velvet, and is decorated at the base and at the toe with delicate, silver Maltese lace (which is now very tarnished) called “reticella”. Each shoe also features silver tacks and long silk tassels. The leather insole of each chopine has been tooled with a concentric square design, so that the viewer sees every surface holding a more luxurious decoration than the last."

Another example from the 1740's

Although some women required attendants to enable them to walk in these tremendous (in both senses of the word)shoes it has been said that ladies of the day who wore them regularly managed to walk and dance with elegance and grace.

Now I know I've promised you more outfit posts but I just had to post these shoes! Also I can't find my camera cord but I have taken some pics which I hope you will like. To be posted this week!