Monday, July 27, 2009

The history of the crinoline part 1 – an overview (shaping our style)

the origin of the word is debated to be either from the latin words Crinis and Linum (meaning hair and flax respectively) or the french words Crin (horsehair) and lin (meaning linen).

Horsehair and Cotton Crinoline from the 1840's

Whatever the origin of the name; the Crinoline has changed the shape of fashion and the concept of feminine beauty. What seems like a simple and perhaps to some outdated undergarment actually plays a vital role in fashion history.

Over a few posts I will investigate the history of the Crinoline and how it evolved from earlier contraptions worn by women in the quest to create the illusion of the perfect silhouette

The original Crinolines were made from horsehair (weft) and cotton (warp), this fabric was first created around the year 1830 and later this term continued to be applied to any caged or hooped underskirts.

Not dissimilar to the Farthingale which originated in the 1580’s and remained popular in its many forms until the 1650’s (I will write a post on the Farthingale in the near future)

Example of a French Wheel Farthing

after which the Pannier (or the side hoop) followed as the favored skirt shaping undergarment.

An example of The Pannier

Then came the French revolution and the subsequent aversion to all elaborate styles of dressing as these eloborate gowns and heavily constructed silhouette's represented the gulf between the have's and the have not's at the time.

The French wanted to distance themselves from the excess represented by Marie Antoinette and the Aristocrats of the day in order to avoid the bloodthirsty revolutionaries notice.

This change in French atitudes toward fashion changed trends throughout western Europe which in turn led to the demise of the Pannier all over Europe(Parisian fashion being very influential in western fashion at that time).

At this time in Paris simple Grecian and Roman styles were favoured as they reflected the simplicity of dress favoured by the revolutionaries which brought a natural female silhouette back into fashion for the first time in centuries.

Fashionable post revolution dress in Paris

But this simplicity did not last long and around 1810 gores and bustles began to appear which eventually led to the rise of the crinoline.


Often associated with the fashion of the 1950’s due to the reintroduction by the fashion house of Christian Dior (in 1947 the ‘New look” collection featured full skirts and cinched waists) the crinoline then became a permanent fixture of modern fashion. Creating with less pain and effort the hourglass illusion once again.

From Dior's New look collection

Previous to this Poiret’s influence, followed by the shortage of fabric created by the world wars had changed the shape of a ladies silhouette and rendered the crinoline unfashionable. Christian Dior’s reintroduction of the crinoline was very successful and the hour glass silhouette though transformed had made a permanent comeback

To be continued....

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dress Number 2 - Ebay

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tagged - Honest Scrap

I have been tagged by the lovely Norwegian A Red Lipstick

The rules are:
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1: I secretly wear my sneakers under my desk at work and only wear my heels when I leave my desk.

2:I like to bake all types of pastries and cakes and I do so very successfully without measuring cups or recipes. It's one of my few natural talents!

3: I'm terrified of thriller/horror flicks
I know it's all fake but it still get's to me! Last one I saw gave me nightmares for weeks!

4: I love peppermint tea ...

5: Emerald Green is my favorite colour

6:I love African American gospel music - but not out of religious devotion - it's just beautiful to listen to and it moves something primal in me.

7: I am currently addicted to Ham, Cheese, Tomato and Pineapple sandwiches - like a hawaiian sandwich - sometimes with roast chicken and carrot in there too - sounds weird but it's awesome.

8: this is random - but this child frightens me that look in her eyes is super creepy!

9: I want to be a fashion designer one day but I don't know how to make patterns

10: I want to be an Archaeologist as well!

I would like to tag:

Heart Of Pearl
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Has it really been a year?

After a long Hiatus I am finally back blogging!
I've just noticed it has been a few days over a year since I began this blog and I thought I would take the opportunity to say a big thank-you to the readers - I've really enjoyed your company on the blog ride!

We've had some delicious dresses

And delicious men (stricly looking at the leather Kilt lol)

Historical fashion

Crazy Celebs

Crazy Wanna be Celebs

Funky Shoes

Burlesque Dancers from Finland

Personal style

and much more - So join me for the next 12 months and see what I have in store :)