Sunday, September 27, 2009

Unfashionably late

Hi All, I've been going through another rough time in my personal life lately and while I don't like my personal life to get in the way of my blog there are times when you just can't help but neglect some things in order to take care of others.

Some lovely girlfriends have given me some spectacular make-overs during the last few days (some attractive options and some just plain hilarious) unfortunately I've taken no pictures to show you.

Such a shame since I have yet to debut my new hair (massive changes) and some pretty vintage dresses, I still have some Melbourne spring fashion week pic's I wanted to put up too.

So while I pull myself back together I'll be a little slower on the posting.

But I will leave you with some of my favorite pics of the Hopeless hotel runway show from Melboune Spring Fashion Week - as mentioned in my article for style Melboune which can be found HERE ( the photo's on here are of a much higher quality) enjoy.

Such a darling collection - if only my photo's did the garments some justice!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mid week memo

Alright I have a few things to post about today - the first installment of Melbourne Spring Fashion week posts, an award, a competitiion and a guest blog post. Enjoy!

Fashion Week
First up as part of Melbourne Spring fashion week I attended Pandora's Wonderland Spring Fashion & Racing Carnival Launch last Thursday night on behalf of Style Melbourne (you can read my article here).



I discovered that fashion photography is hard work (and not my strong point). All photo's in this post are by me - if you want to see some professional shots click on over to Style Melbourne and check out my post there (including some fantastic shots by a real photographer). For my blog I have just posted some of my favorites (where the pictures turned out alright) as above and the following pic's:

K.B.A.D (Karin Bochnik Altman Design).

In my next post I will share the resortwear, lingerie and menswear portion of the parade.

The Amazing and talented JoolzGirl creator of Joolz jewelry has honoured me with the Kreativ Blogger Award.

Now instead of listing another 7 facts about myself I thought I would link to a previous post for those who are interested to have a look at.

Now to pass on the award I'm only passing it on to one person(I'm not much of a chain mail person)and that is Hexotica who is a very creative person and so I think she deserves this award. She creates some very cool accessories - check out her blog and Etsy store (link on the blog).

Over at 'The Diary of a Vintage Girl' the lovely Fleur De Guerre is offering a giveaway. Visit her blog for details.