Thursday, November 26, 2009

'O' Vintage handbags!

For the last 71 years The Oroton name has been synonymous with luxury, quality and style in Australia.
Creating everything from Sunglasses & lingerie to Jewellery and of course beautiful leather, mesh and crystal bags.

I have been recently informed that Oroton will for the first time ever release some items from the vault.

Some of these bags have been locked away since the 70’s! Some old favourites and one off samples too expensive to go into production at the time will be available.
This means you could score yourself a genuine one of a kind vintage bag!
The V-50 Clutch will also be on the list (made to celebrate Vogue’s 50th anniversary).

New items will be released weekly until Christmas and for Australian order shipping is free!

There will also be two “very special” items released where 100% of the sale proceeds will be donated to the charity of your choice if you buy one!

A little brand history on Oroton (well historical fashion is my thing!)

Oroton began as a sole trader business in 1936 and emerged as a public company in 1939 under the name of Boyd Lane & Co. Pty Ltd. By importing luxury fabrics and materials from Europe in the early days of Australia’s fashion scene Oroton distinguished themselves as a brand of class and elegance from the outset and has scrupulously kept to their ideals of quality and timeless classics; unaffected by trends.

Note: This blog post was not in any way paid for by the Oroton Group. I was contacted and informed of this shopping event and being a fan of the brand felt it worthwhile sharing with my readers. The images displayed are used with the permission of the Oroton Group. It is unfortunate that I don’t have any pictures of their leather bags but check out the link above to see their range.

Monday, November 16, 2009

A Very Vintage Christmas

Here's a little poem I wrote for Super Kawaii Mama's Vintage Christmas competition.

Part one of my entry -

The night before Christmas

T’was the night before Christmas and all through the land
Super Kawaii mama readers reviewed the vintage Christmas they’d planned

Seamed stockings were hung beside a real Christmas tree
Not an ornament plastic, only crystals, ribbons and canes of candy to see.

The cookies and puddings were baked and prepared

Hand made with home grown ingredients no effort was spared

The candles are lit; not a fairy light to be found
Time to cheer our hearts with a mellifluous sound
Now Bing Crosby’s silent night from the gramophone blared

Lovers young and old under the mistletoe meet
Holly and ivy on the door bound in a wreath

The family gathers round to sit by the hearth
To share stories of the cheer from Christmas’s past

The children to bed
Their heads filled with dreams of St Nick
While we candy the apples and
make sure the decorations look schmick.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Third time is a charm!

For the Melbourne spring racing carnival I attended one event this year and that event was Oaks day.

I had a stunning one of a kind Anna Campbell dress that was created for Melbourne Spring Fashion week.
However when I was getting ready that morning the straps (on the brand new dress) both broke.
With no time for repairs I went to my back-up dress.
A lovely Betty Page dress in Navy with a white collar, only to discover once I had the dress on that there was a bright red lipstick stain that the drycleaners had failed to remove!

I hit the panic button! with my hair and make-up done I had one 20 min's before the car arrived in which to find a suitable dress and accessories for a warm sunny day with very chilly winds.

So here it is an old Kamikazi dress I dug out (it's kind of my emergency dress).

Not the glam ensemble I had in mind but passable!

Dress - Kamakazi from about 5 years ago
Belt - Alannah Hill (hooker in the Alley belt)
Heels- Custom made
Pashmina - Borrowed from a friend
Necklace and Earrings - Joolz
Bracelet - Vintage
Headband - Anna Campbell
clutch - unsure

Had a lovely day in the birdcage but the wind played havok with my hair!

A. Hill - Hooker in the Alley Belt

Joolz Necklace - got so many lovely comments on this one. I LOVE it!

My earrings were by Joolz too (Pic below)

hehehe check out my moon tan lol