Monday, December 21, 2009

American president John Adams was a snappy dresser

Abigale and John Adams

Or so the TV series would have me believe! I've just started to get into this show and the main reason to begin with was the costumes!

The costume department has done an amazing job and the series is a visual feast.
I thought that while I was working on some personal style posts and reviews I would put up these stunning scenes from the show.

Don't forget to click on the images for a better view!

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson

Mr and Mrs Adams again

love her parisole

Mrs Adams

Of course the best part costume wise was the diplomatic visit to France!
I wish I could find more shots of this but check out episode 3 for all the fashion action!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Mid week update

I'm currently in the process of preparing some exciting new posts.

I thought in the meanwhile I would just post a quick update, with Christmas fast approaching my calendar is full of festive cheer (read Christmas drinks)
I will do my best to take lots of outfit pics as I know I have been terribly slack with my outfit posts.

Also I noticed I have a new Nuffnang ad on my blog >>>>>>
Win a Cherry I-Pod ! I really really want one now that I have seen them - so if anyone is feeling generous ;)

The Ad is actually for Australian Cherry Growers and it got me thinking.
I make a Christmas Pudding with black Cherries, and caramel apples and I have had some requests for food posts so I will do my best to find time to post this years pudding.

Here's some Polyvore eye candy

What I would like to wear to the races:

I love purple and grey

Summer fruits:

PS: Feel free to buy me any and all of the above items for Christmas - really won't mind lol

Monday, December 7, 2009

Life through the viewfinder

Click on any picture to enlarge it - all photo's were taken by me (unless otherwise stated)so please ask permission should you wish to use any of them :)

Some local wildlife of the feathered variety

I haven't taken any outfit pictures lately, there are shots of me at a recent event but I am awaiting the photographer's permission to use their photo's on my blog.

UPDATE: one pic - not so flattering but I love the jumpsuit :) by this stage my hair had gone flat (darn Melbourne wind) and the free alcohol was taking it's toll!

Photo by Hamish Crawford of T-Shirt Garage

Silk Jumpsuit by Seduce clothing
Belt - gift from my best friend

Other than that I have this little snap shot which was not taken for blogging purposes but will suffice for now. Taken at a party in the pop up store .

Hat - can't remember
Dress - Portmans I think?
Singlet under dress - can't remember
Earrings by Joolz

I love this pic because I think if I had any photoshop skills whatsoever I could look like a vintage Hollywood starlet with a little work (ok maybe more than a little work lol).

Nor have I written any articles on delicious historical fashion items.

I have however taken a few shots out and about in Melbourne that I thought I would share since most of my readers are not from Australia.

A little glimpse into my view of the world if you will.

A View over the Yarra

These were not taken for the blog but rather because I was playing with the camera settings!

Graff Art near Lygon st

Somewhere in Fitzroy ....

The bar staff are friendly (these guys actually found my camera and took this shot of themselves before tracking me down and returning it)

Would anyone like to see some outfits from my past? I just found some funny pictures of what I've worn over the years ... perhaps I'll put it to a poll!