Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The prettiest apple in the tree?

So as some of you may be aware I won a giveaway by the lovely Diamonds in Champagne a little while back.

The comp was for a voucher for the online store Apple Tree Boutique. I won a $120 voucher and since then I have been wracked with indecision!

So lovely readers is you could help me choose one or a combination of items from my shortlist I would be very grateful!

First up is the Fate Grace spot dress at $79.95
and the Sass stripe Tee dress at just $50.00

Otherwise if you are in the mood check out their store and make a suggestion :)


Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

I love the first one! Elegant and re-wearable.

Elle said...

It's true that the first one is probably the most wearable, but save wearable for things you buy for yourself. Have fun because you're a winner!!!!!

Kimberley said...

Yup, I agree - the first one. It would look great on you! x

heartofpearl ♡ said...

aw the backless lace dress is winner for me! lv anything black but lv this one in particular! x

szela said...

ooh i love the first and third one! the heels in the third one is so hot too.

Glam Girl said...

I adore the last dress, so pretty!

mom & son said...

Oh no, sorry to hear about the accident, Darling.
Praying for the fast recovery! And thank God, nothing really serious happen and I'm glad you
are getting better day by day.

DArling, love the dresses! I want it all, my dear!

Frances said...

The first two dresses! Or just get the third one =)

darlingdee said...

I love the first dress and the lace dress!

If I had the legs for it, I'd be buying the lace one, but I don't :(


Anastasia said...

i like the 7 yr itch dress. too cute.

Fabiola "Fab" said...

nice pieces! If They will fit into my closet then I want them all. Each one for a different occassion!

Candice said...

That sass stirope tee dress is GREAT :)
love it


ana b. said...

Either of the first two dresses would have me very happy! They seem to be more versatile as the rest of the dresses are definitely "party" frocks.

Lola said...

I really like the dress in the 3rd pic!

rtf :)

Gaia said...

Congratulations for your prize!
I think I'll choose the first one...yes I go with it!

Le blog de Letilor said...

Wah, umh the dress The Sass Christie Tierred dress is realy a copycat of a H&M Dress.The h&M dress costs around 40€ , it is an IT dress on fashion blog maybe not in usa but in europa it is right.

Look I have this dress here : http://letilor.blogspot.com/2010/03/tdj-tenue-du-27-mars-2010.html

heartofpearl ♡ said...

Thanks! I've been well and i hope you have been too? i see u havent updated hehe hope to c some new posts soon! i juuuustt finally updated my blog haha im so terrible at this. its freezing recently, keep warm xx

heartofpearl ♡ said...

ive been well thank you! how about you? busy? hehe its freezing recently hope ur taking care x

Morena G.Y. said...

What did you end up getting? Anyway Bucca- I see you've been busy too!

Well I'm back. I hope we can talk soon. :)

Sammie Lyla said...

heyy just letting you know I've moved blogs from NOT SO SHY to http://shelikemenagerie.blogspot.com/...so come and follow me on there :) xx

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It's true that the first one is probably the most wearable, but save wearable for things you buy for yourself. Have fun because you're a winner!!!!!