Sunday, January 17, 2010

Like Marvin said ... what's going on?

Today's post is a mixture of fashion related news and a photo tag.
Before I begin I just want to remind everyone to do what they can for the people of Hati.
For information on making a difference in the face of this disaster contact your local red cross.

Olivia Rouge Boutique

thanks to Olivia for permission to use this photo

Firstly I'm very excited to announce the delectable Olivia Rouge store is now available in English! Some of you might remember my earlier posts on her design work and burlesque career.
Although the website appears to only offer postage within Finland; Olivia assures me that this is due to the automatic postage calculator not being compatible with international postage. To order something from her online boutique you can simply send her an E-mail at
Olivia creates some truly beautiful vintage inspired garments and accessories.

Photo Tag -Kuwaii

Photo taken by me (can't you tell by the quality)

Second cab off the ranks today is a tag! I have been tagged by the lovely Humpty Dumpty I'm supposed to go to a photo folder and post the 10th picture and the story behind it.
So the above photo was the 10th one in one of my photo folders (closed my eyes and randomly clicked on one).
 It's from the Kuwaii runway show from Melbourne Spring Fashion week 2009 one of the ones I didn't post here for some reason. I was right at the front standing in giants stitts trying to ignore the pain in my feet and focus on the show.
I have to say that I am kind of in love with the Kuwaii collection and I was even more pleased to have to chance to meet the designer of the line at the pop up store 'Insert name here' in Melbourne at 'Georges on collins'.

Joolz Darling!

Thanks to 'Joolz' for permission to use these photographs

Next up I'd like to just say that I am loving the new line from Joolz a Melbourne local who creates amazing accessories from vintage, recycled and eco-chic materials including pearls and vintage kimono fabric, buttons rose petals and all manner of other items. Check out her blog and her website for some really unique and beautiful 'joolz' at very reasonable prices!

The line has even caught the attention of the new york fashion set and 'Joolz' has been invited to attend New York Fashion week! Congratulations are in order!!

Alright that's a wrap for today but stay tuned because the blog posts will becomming more frequent as the month rolls on and I have some exciting interviews and announcements in the works along with more personal style posts and a few reviews of some new products and more!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Do you remember the time?

Me at 6 or 7 years old
Rocking the pale pink PJ's
Accessories include the first dog I remember owning my darling German Shepherd Beau.

Well I thought I'd take a stroll down memory lane before I get 2010's outfit posts rolling.

So here are some old school pictures of my style or lack there of over the last 10 years :)

My own personal fashion history Part 1.

I hope you get a good giggle out of some of my 'looks'.

Me at about 17 at a school art exhibition - wearing BRIGHT Pink dress from a place called 'Kimberly' in far North QLD where I grew up.

At 18 on a visit to Melbourne wearing a full denim bodysuit from some surf wear shop in my QLD home town. The little satin bowler bag was from Cab55 from memory.
Terrible photo of me but I had to post it anyway!

Not really sure what to say about this look ....but take a look at the make-up I was obsessed with silver eye shadow!


Head scarves were a minor obsession for a while

Visiting Canberra wearing white denim halter top (Pervert - the label lol)
Denim Skirt by Aztec Rose (hadn't quite let go of my beach-side roots yet)

Trying to be arty styling my own B&W shoot at a photography studio in south yarra (melbourne)the hairstylist was terrible to say the least and the make-up artist not much chop either!

Ok no make-up hungoever but I still like this shot - even though it's not at all flattering!
Hat - Vintage fabric made into a reversible little bonnet/cap
glasses - Prada from memory
Long sleeve T-shirt dress - Myer I think
black singlet over the top from MNG

I'm going to look for younger pics of me to post in a follow up post because they might be even funnier!

What's your personal fashion history? Would love to hear some stories in the comments (even better some photo links!).

Monday, January 4, 2010

Soles for Souls

I wish I had found this a little sooner!
Now in it's last week this charity aims to distribute 50,000 pairs of shoes to people in need.
To help out all you need to do is visit their website and for just $5.00 you will buy TWO pairs of shoes for someone who can't afford ANY shoes

I had to post this once I read about these lil guys
Maria is 5 and lives in Reynosa, Mexico. She is delighted with her new pair of shoes but didn’t wan to take them out of the box. . “I just want to look at them right now,” she said, “These are not the kind of shoes you should get dirty.”

Roberto is 10 and lives with his uncle’s family in the City Dump outside Tegucigalpa. Each day he gets up at dawn and sorts through the trash looking for items that he can clean up and sell, or for suitable things to eat. “This is my first pair of real cowboy boots,” he repeatedly said.

So please check out and donate if you can

Kim K talks about the charity on the video below

All images and the video on this post are property of I have borrowed them in the interest of raising awareness of the charity.