Wednesday, February 10, 2010

At Madame Brussles a little worse for wear!

So what have I been up to lately? well last weekend I caught up with some bloggers/friends for cocktails and cupcakes and despite my state I had a wonderful time !

It was such a beautiful day, ut the wind destroyed my hair!

Madame Brussles is one of my favorite hangs in Melbourne and I dragged myself down there last Saturday afternoon after an impromptu night out on the Friday.

Some of the cutest customers at Madam B's that day!

      'Undress me sloely' and Pimm's kick started out afternoon!

It was hot, sunny and I was not so fresh but the company was fantastic and so were the drinks!
I met up with the fabulous 'Fashion Romance', 'Sarah Style' and 'House of Turtle' along with some other lovely ladies.

Thankfully they hand out little parasoles on sunny days

I wore a 'Stop Staring' playsuit which I plan on featuring in a proper outfit post in the near future.

Oh you can see I had a big night on friday lol

Outfit details: Stop staring playsuit
random assortment of bracelets - markets, mum and prouds
shoes were wooden clog type heels from a few years back but I don't have any pics of the full outfit!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm over the top ...If you don't know - now you know ;)

I have some great new posts lined up - some more outfits and designer reviews (I'm bringing back Designer Du Jour).

Following up on Rubin Singer (above) by delving into his famous fathers past as a parisian born designer who became one of the soviet unions most celebrated designers and modist to one of the worlds most infamous dictators.

I've also got another installment of the history of the crinoline in the works and I'll be going back the the days of the Farthing wheel and the Pannier.

Also I have a very exciting interview lined up with a desinger I adore and I just know you will too.

For the moment however I have an award!

Included with this award are some questions which I am supposed to answer with one word and of course I have cheated lol I also deleted some Q's because I have answered them in other tag posts.

1. Where is your cell phone? Handbag

2. Your hair? RED!
3. Your dream last night? Actually very strange I was trying to snap a photo of Michelle and Barack Obama at a resort hotel in Sydney … yeah weird (I’m in) Melbourne BTW

4. Your dream/goal? Happiness

5. What room are you in? Office

6. Your hobby? Fun

7. Where do you want to be in 6 years? gleeful

8. Where were you last night? Dinner at friends

9. Something you aren't? Rested!

10. Muffins? Homemade

11. Wish list item? endless

12. Where did you grow up? I spent my childhood in tropical Townsville far north Queensland, Australia and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

13. Last thing you did? Interview

14. What are you wearing? Black singlet, black and white ruffled skirt and a black, white and green blazer.

15. Your TV? Barely watch TV – life is too short

16. Your pets? R.I.P Oengus I miss my little cockatiel

17. Your friends? My precious! (lol lord of the rings ref)

18. Missing someone? Yes

19. Something you're not wearing? Anklet

20. Your best friend? The insanely talented Analoha since we were little girls – Love you girl xx

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The Goddess dress - I want this one!


Recently I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to interview some of the members of a fresh and relatively new label Sosume.

Sosume is no ordinary design team however the members met in New York and the member reside in Melbourne, Sydney and New York
They also have a strong commitment to Eco friendly fashion which is what really caught my attention.
My long term readers know I am very interested in 'fashion that cares'.

As their website states
all collections are made with organic and natural fabrics from the most accredited mills in the world

all garments are manufactured in Australia

three percent of the proceeds of each garment are donated to a small number of charities which
promote and aid sustainable development and practices

So without further ado here is my little Q&A session with the lovely designers from Sosume

Tell me about Sosume’s commitment to charity and eco friendly practices; was this a focus when creating the label or did it come about after the fact?
Sosume’s commitment to bringing awareness to the sustainable movement is deliberate. We are a young, cool brand that cares about the world we’re growing up in. Our focus when creating the label was, and still is, to utilize eco-friendly fabrics, reduce our carbon footprint, and influence our own generation to do the same.  We have always given a percentage of our profits to environmental agencies.  

Do you see the future of fashion moving towards a more environmentally and socially conscious model?
Definitely. There are so many different industries - such as energy, automotive, and even beauty/health products - that are using new technology and developments that sustain resources and are a more responsible and healthier option.  Fashion has been moving in this direction for years and it finally seems to be transcending the hippie/earth mother stigma into an exciting new way of dressing for the fashion and environmentally savvy.

The Sosume team is spread between Australia and the USA how did you all come together to collaborate on the label?
Alex (Melbourne based) studied and graduated from college in New York City, where we  all met a few summers ago. He wanted to start a fashion company and, after various meetings and much consultation we came up with Sosume and started developing our first season. Soon after SS 9/10, Alex relocated back to Australia and we continued to develop our second, and now third, seasons.

What challenges if any are presented by the location of your colleagues? 
Communication is essential and it is very demanding to sync schedules across different time zones - sometime deadlines in Australia are literally one day ahead of NYC, so time management is crucial. We video chat regularly and send emails everyday around the clock. We all have Smartphones so sending and receiving emails between all entities involved is easy.  Of course, traveling is often necessary since we are on opposite sides of the world; we all do what's necessary.

Do you draw inspiration from fashion history? Tell me about the inspiration behind the collection? 
Fashion history is very important to understand and reference, especially when trying to understand the way trends cycle over time. Right now, while working on our new spring collection, we are looking back at utility dress and military uniforms, focusing on the functional aspect of the designs.

How would you describe the aesthetic of the label?
The current aesthetic of the label is a very modern, clean look. All of the pieces in the collection can be layered over one another.  This aesthetic is meant to reflect the way people live in a post-modern world, giving the option of making unique, individualized put-together looks with a palette of easy pieces.

 Who do you see wearing your collection?
 Anyone! We purposely designed a collection ranging from basics to more fashion-forward pieces to satisfy every young, eco-conscious person; whether you're a die hard environmentalist, or just discovering your inner sustainable fashion self. We even invited young guys to take part by adding a small men’s line to this collection, plus many of our pieces are genderless. 

Potential clients: Aygness Deyn, Cameron Diaz, Rihanna, Kate Moss, Natalie Imbruglia, fashion blogger muses of  NYC/LA/Sydney/Tokyo

What made you decide to become a fashion designer, have you always felt drawn to this career?
Paulina: My Mom was always well dressed and took me with her while shopping. I've always been obsessed with clothing, playing dress up, making dresses for my Barbies, buying second-hand things and cutting them up... I never thought about other options; fashion was always what I saw myself doing. I would devour fashion magazines as a teenager and love to find antique and vintage items - now I have collections of random things and references, like a library of inspiration.
 Rachel: How I got to this point is just by doing what I liked, really.  I lived for arts and crafts as a kid and that eventually led into making my own clothes.  I didn’t really pay attention to fashion like I do now; I just loved to sew.  Figuring out how to make something was the funnest kind of puzzle to me. It’s when I moved to New York at 17 that I really understood that I could do what I loved as a career.
              How cute is this playsuit? Anyone want to buy me one?
Can you describe your personal style?
Paulina: My style is constantly changing-it’s always quirky, but balanced, and I have the right mix of vintage + modern pieces.
Rachel: My style is experimental; I have fun with clothing, it's playful-I never take myself too seriously. 

If you could give an aspiring designer one piece of advice what would that be?
Paulina: Be passionate, work hard, listen to your gut instincts, and develop a point of view.
Rachel: Don’t pay attention to limits…there is always a way to make something work!

You can check out the Sosume website (they have an AMAZING sale on at the moment 50-80% off some of the items in the SS09/10 collection. They also have a list of stockists there.